Today, i had nothing much to do so decided that i would check out the documentary Blackfish about Tilikum the Orca as well as Seaworld and the treatment of whales. This whale has been said to have killed three humans while others have said that she did not.

When i went to the park in Florida the other year, it felt like such a magical place full of happy trainers and animals. It was such an amazing experience and i never thought anything different about it.

This documentary has shown me the other side to this park. The idea that these whales are confined to such a small space for roughly two thirds of their life is terrifying. They have no space to move or even swim properly which is not beneficial to the creature in the slightest.

What makes it even worse is the idea that Seaworld has taken on this whale that they knew was dangerous to people. This is just endangering their own trainers as well as the other people who come in contact with. It has the ability to drag a trainer into the water and rip their arm off – surely something should be done to ensure that this does not happen again? There has been reported more than seventy attacks on trainers. The footage shown in the documentary is horrific.

I must admit that i am not a huge animal lover but i have never felt so much emotion towards a species in my life. These whales did not ask for such a thing – they would dream of the chance to swim in the ocean with their families in an open space and not in a tiny enclosure where they have no space to move. I feel like Seaworld are extremely idiotic for continuing to breed Tilikum who was known for being such a vicious whale.

I agree that having the chance to experience animals up close is an amazing opportunity but once you see how they are being treated as well as how they act towards trainers then it is not worth it. It is not worth keeping whales in captivity if they have the ability to endanger the life of a human or even fellow whales.

No Dress Code Stated

One thing (among many) that annoys me is the different reactions to a naked body of a male or a female. When faced with a half naked/naked woman on a calendar, it is seen as something which is disrespectful to women yet when it is the body of a man, not one person would bat an eyelid. Surely, it should be the same for both genders?

It seems to be that in this society, it is okay for a woman to ‘disrespect’ a man in such a way but the moment a man holds the image of a woman in a calendar or a newspaper then they are seen as ‘perverted’ or ‘disgusting’. Is it not possible for us to tell a woman that she is ‘perverted’ for looking at the picture of a half naked man? For some reason, people think that it’s okay for a woman to objectify the body of a male but not that of a female.

This is when i have to say that if woman truly want equality, then maybe they should not be so judgemental when they see a man with a calendar of a naked woman when they themselves have a calendar of a ‘fireman’ with no clothes on. I feel that there is nothing wrong with being comfortable in your own skin so if someone has the courage to pose for a calendar with only their underwear then good on them! It’s brilliant that they have built up the courage to do such a thing and if it does not hurt anyone in any way then there is no harm in it. It just annoys me when it is seen as wrong for woman to pose for calendars while it is the norm for a male to pose.

(I also understand that there are people of the same gender who would look at images, i just didn’t know how to state that throughout.)

It’s All About You

A little thing that is getting on my nerves these days is the view on body image.

Why do people seem to think that when someone is unhappy with their weight, it is to do with trying to impress a guy/girl? Can it not be possible for someone to want to be thinner purely because they want to feel better about themselves?

Let people be who they want to be unless it hurts them or anyone around them. People can be whatever shape or size they wish to be and it is not always about trying to impress someone. Yeah, there are some people who feel like the guy that they like will only like them back if they lose a couple pounds but there are people out there who want to feel comfortable about themselves.

Stop making out that all people want to do is attract other people. It brings other people down about themselves even more.

Turn My Headphones Up Real Loud (I Think I Need Them Now)

Listening to music may be performed in different ways. There are times when i listen to it in the background while my mind is preoccupied with something such as studying and there are times when i just close my eyes and focus on every single sound which enters my ears.

I personally love them both but the latter is one of the best experiences that you can have. I just love the feeling of the goosebumps down my neck as i listen closely to the drums or the guitar, while my eyes are firmly closed, with nothing getting in my way. It has the power to block out anything that is going on at that exact moment. It’s like my own little world where i can escape to for those three to four minutes. When my eyes are closed i feel like i am fully submerged into the song: i am standing in the middle of a venue – only me and the band. It feels like they are playing to me and only me. 

I love the feeling of concentrating on the music and nothing else. You have nothing to worry about: no work or stress or insecurities. It is your time for a change. There is no need to think about anything else apart from the melody and the lyrics. 

People say music is therapy to them and i one hundred percent agree. There is nothing better than coming home after and awful day, sitting back and listening to an album from start to finish. Likewise, screaming along to the lyrics is also amazing and just makes you feel like every little bad thing has been extracted from your body and left to disappear. 

Music is a healer. There is no doubt about that.

Source A is a Primary Source.

Last night, before i went to a party, i went with my dad and brother to visit my great gran in the hospital. It was really upsetting apart from one part which intrigued me.

My dad brought up the question “what did you do when you left school?” and she went into an in depth description. She told us how she worked in a cigarette factory which made cigarettes which were shipped off to the soldiers. She said that all the women would put their address into the tin before they were sealed. My dad made a comment about how it would boost morale since they would have someone to write to while they were away and my gran said that that was why the boss actually encouraged them to do this.

I actually loved that conversation so much. I hate how i never ask my grandparents questions about their past. My great gran (on my mums side) used to talk about living in the tenements in Glasgow and all the little stories but i can’t remember them because they were over 5 years ago. 

I need to ask people questions about the past. I don’t want to learn everything from books – i wanna learn from people who experienced it first hand. There is only so much a book can tell you whereas a person has the ability to tell you how they felt and every detail about what they went through. I’m going to start writing them down so i will always remember them.

My gran has so many stories about how they used to go out at my age and meet guys and they are some of the best stories i have heard. They had so much fun and life was not as serious as it is these days.


Is this how i met your mother?

Most people are familiar with the TV show How I Met Your Mother in which Ted Mosby talks about his life and group of friends while giving clues as to how he met the mother of his children.

To me, the show isn’t about finding out who the mother is. To me, it’s just a show about a group of friends who are all different in their own way. I love it for that.

I never feel the need to know who the mother is. It has never been something i was desperate to find out. I just love watching the show and seeing what crazy thing is about to happen in their lives.

Maybe it’s just me, i don’t know. 

The Impossible is Possible

How could i pass on a half price ticket to see a Ewan McGregor film? Everyone knows that i would jump at the chance so i went to see The Impossible today with my two friends.

I expected it to be emotional but the level it contained was unimaginable. I am an extremely emotional person and i found it hard to cry because of the intensity of emotion that happened throughout. It hit so hard it was like a huge knot in my stomach. It was hit after hit and it was tough to watch. However, it was definitely worth it.

I am the sort of person who watches a movie while trying to guess what will happen next. With this film, it is so hard to. I would guess something then it would turn out completely the opposite. You are gripped constantly when the family struggle to find each other. Ewan McGregor is incredible. He fits the character perfectly and is brilliant.

Okay, i wont say anymore since i don’t wanna ruin it for anyone.

It is a must see!